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Link-building: when to expect results?

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Link-building is one of the main techniques used for SEO and the link building campaign is a crucial part of every Search Engine Optimization project, but how long does it take for results to appear?
Normally, a link-building campaign is more of a long-term process rather than a short one as it takes around four to six months for directly related results to appear. It also requires a careful approach that will ultimately save time and money. Over juiced link-building campaigns usually end up doing more harm than good.


Now that we’ve learned how much it takes for backlinks to produce their first effects, the next question arises: why does it take so long?

Well, there are three main points that are causing this and below we’re going to go a bit into the details:

1. In order to increase the average ranking of your website, you first need to surpass your competitors in terms of number of backlinks. Link-building should be approached progressively and the number of backlinks should constantly grow. It’s not recommended to supercharge your link building campaign to get hundreds of backlinks a week. The number should increase progressively and thus it takes time to reach and surpass the number of backlinks of your competitors, especially if they also have an on-going a link-building campaign.

2. As mentioned in the point above, the number of backlinks should increase progressively. Google needs to see that this is a natural increase resulting from a great website that users love, and not an artificial backlink increase (which it is). If Google sees too many backlinks appearing over night for a specific website it becomes suspicious and then you will have a higher chance of getting penalized. In most cases is game over in terms of SEO.

3. The age of backlinks affects your rankings. Every link-building campaign should be thoroughly and wisely controlled with patience at all times. A backlink becomes stronger as time passes, usually reaching its peak at around twelve months since it has been activated. It is crucial not to lose patience and deactivate or delete a backlink for cutting costs simply because no significant results have appeared. Time is you ally, and the more time it passes the more effective a backlink will become.


For a better understanding of the concept explained above, please see the graphic below prepared by Links Management showing how link-building and Google actually work: