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Lite SEO Package

Was there any SEO work done on the website before? * YESNO


  1. Please fill in the form with the required details and then click “Sign Up”;
  2. We will review your request and get back to you in less than 24 hours;
  3. You send the first payment and we start the SEO right away!

Lite SEO Package features

  • Basic On-site SEO: Email SEO consulting; Keyword research, analysis & optimisation; Title tag, Meta description, Alt tags & Other meta optimisation; Headings H1, H2, H3 optimisation; Internal linking optimisation; Sitemap.xml, robots.txt & .htaccess optimisation; Favicon; 404 errors fix; Additional undisclosed techniques;
  • 5+ Keywords, plus multiple variations of these keywords
  • Competitor analysis; Google Webmaster console setup & optimisation
  • Penalty Protection
  • 4+ /month Listings in authority UK web directories
  • 2+ /month Listings in the world’s top web directories
  • Undisclosed Off-Site SEO strategies, White Hat SEO only
  • Local SEO:, top rankings for a specific City)
  • Best SEO Results(if SEO was not done before): 12 months +/- 3 months
  • Best SEO Results(with previous SEO): 24 months +/- 6 months

About our Lite SEO Package

The Lite SEO Package is dedicated to small businesses or large businesses with low competition.

The On-Site strategy focuses on keyword research, analysis and optimisation, Meta optimisation such as Title Tag, Meta Description, Alt Tag and more. We will also improve the headings and the internal links in your company’s website. HED-Solutions’ Lite SEO Package will also assure that your Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt and .htaccess files are configured to be search engine friendly.

Off-Site SEO for the Lite Package includes competitor analysis, optimisation of Google Webmaster Console and setup, if needed. You will also benefit from penalty protection measures, keyword research and keyword variations. All developed in a bespoke strategy, designed to help you grow the online visibility of your website. In addition, you will have your website included in authority UK web directories and listed in top world-wide directories.

Your company will also benefit from sponsored posts and guest posts on relevant industry blogs. The strategy will be focusing on a specific location so that you can attract the right customers, the ones who are closer to your business.

Choose HED-Solutions’ Lite SEO package if you have low competition in your field of activity and want to rank higher in search engines.