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standard blogger outreach serviceStandard blogger outreach (unique content)

premium blogger outreach servicePremium blogger outreach (high profile sites, engaging unique content)

Standard listings in web directoriesStandard listings in web directories

premium listings in authority web directoriesPremium listings in authority web directories

Social Media link-buildingSocial Media link-building

Bespoke link-buildingBespoke link-building

clean bad backlinksCleaning up bad back-links

Undisclosed link-building techniques of SEOUndisclosed link-building techniques – White Hat SEO

keywords SEOKeywords optimisation and implementation

Meta tags SEO UKMeta tags optimisation

Headings Headings optimisation: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5

images SEOImages optimisation and Alt tags

internal linkingInternal Linking SEO

duplicate canonical SEO LondonDuplicate content & canonical tags

Text to HTMLText to HTML ratio optimisation

Mobile-friendly SEOResponsiveness fine-tuning / Mobile-friendly SEO

Header and footer optimisationHeader and footer optimisation

root server seoRoot SEO: Sitemap.xml, robots.txt, .htaccess and favicon

Google S. Console and HTML improvementsGoogle S. Console / HTML improvements and redirects

Google penalty protectionGoogle penalty protection

BlackHat SEO removalBlackHat removal: Removing the BlackHat done by others SEOs

SEO Results

Best SEO Results(if SEO was not done before) +/- 3 mo

18 Months

12 Months

8 Months

6 Months

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HED Solutions ™ is a SEO agency that offers search engine optimisation and search engine marketing services for new websites and businesses. We use a very efficient strategy for every budget. Choose an UK SEO expert to do the hard job of increasing the rankings and showing up your website on Google search results top pages.

SEO Stories and Case Studies
Furniture Company

700% traffic and leads increase in 36 months
120+ Top #1 Rankings
557+ Page #1 Rankings
  1. CEO Furniture Company

    " Congratulations! Finally we are permanently on first page. Everything is superb! "

Beauty Clinic

350% traffic and leads increase in 24 months
240+ Top #1 Rankings
360+ Page #1 Rankings
  1. CEO Beauty Clinic

    " We have been working with Paul since 2014. Paul knows his job very well, he is a professional and very experienced in his field. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who would like to take a business to a next level. Since Paul start working on our website our business increased substantially. Paul is a man of integrity and will deliver on his promises. London, Feb 2016 "

Music Producer

900% traffic and leads increase in 12 months
2+ Top #1 Rankings
14+ Page #1 Rankings
  1. Music Producer Client

    " I chose to work with Paul after seeing he was #1 on Google for the search term ‘SEO Expert’. My website was brand new and had barely any ranking on Google with under 5 new visitors per day. Now within 3 months of working with Paul, I am on page 1 of Google for the search term ‘Music Producer London’ and my traffic has increased to over 100 visitors per day. Would definitely recommend. "

Wedding Photographer

200% traffic and leads increase in 6 months
14+ Top #1 Rankings
28+ Page #1 Rankings
  1. Wedding Photographer A

    " I can highly recommend Paul. He is very good at his job. He sent my website right to the top of google in just over a month! I will be using him in the future for sure! "

Protection Dogs Training Firm

200% traffic and leads increase in 18 months
45+ Top #1 Rankings
440+ Page #1 Rankings
  1. CEO Dog Training Firm

    " After changing over to Paul to manage our SEO from another company the search results in Google natural search have been amazing to say the least in such a short amount of time! We are now on page one of Google! for most of our page search terms and Paul has also achieved position #1 page one page one from some of our search terms in Google. Excellent customer service with regular updates & reports so you can actually see the work thats been done, highly recommend… "

Wedding Photographer

100% traffic and leads increase in 6 months
23+ Page #1 Rankings
  1. Wedding Photographer B

    " When Google released an update my site dropped from page 1 to page 3 for one of my main search terms. I didn’t have the time nor expertise to find the cause of the problem so I decided to search for an SEO expert and upon discovering Paul’s site (as the #1 spot) I found his approach to SEO to be honest and open. Within just a few short weeks my site is back on page 1 and climbing. Highly recommended and will certainly use Paul’s services again when needed. "

Personality Test Site

150% traffic and leads increase in 6 months
25+ Top #1 Rankings
30+ Page #1 Rankings
  1. CEO Personality Test Site

    " I came across Paul’s services when I searched for “seo expert” on Google and figured that someone who owns the #2 spot (right after mighty Wikipedia) must know what they’re doing, and I have not been disappointed! Paul has provided extensive and practicable advice tailored to my site’s needs and since hiring him I have seen my Google ranking shoot up. Warmly recommended! "

Wedding Guide

300% traffic and leads increase in 12 months
11+ Top #1 Rankings
560+ Page #1 Rankings

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