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The most popular SEO Packages in London.

Trusted by clients and by SEO agencies all over the UK and Europe.

HED Solutions offers SEO packages in London, UK. We use the following #21-step secret strategy to achieve the #1 page in Google:


On-going SEO Packages

for small, medium or large business organisations
targeting UK search engines














standard blogger outreach service1. Standard blogger outreach (unique content)

premium blogger outreach service2. Premium blogger outreach (high profile sites, unique content)

Standard listings in web directories3. Standard listings in web directories

premium listings in authority web directories4. Premium listings in authority web directories

Social Media link-building5. Social Media link-building

Bespoke link-building6. Bespoke link-building

clean bad backlinks7. Cleaning up bad back-links

Undisclosed link-building techniques of SEO8. Undisclosed link-building techniques – White Hat SEO

keywords SEO9. Keywords optimisation and implementation

Meta tags SEO UK10. Meta tags optimisation

Headings 11. Headings optimisation: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5

images SEO12. Images optimisation and Alt tags

internal linking13. Internal Linking SEO

duplicate canonical SEO London14. Duplicate content & canonical tags

Text to HTML15. Text to HTML ratio optimisation

Mobile-friendly SEO16. Responsiveness fine-tuning / Mobile-friendly SEO

Header and footer optimisation17. Header and footer optimisation

root server seo18. Root SEO: Sitemap.xml, robots.txt, .htaccess and favicon

Google S. Console and HTML improvements19. Google S. Console / HTML improvements and redirects

Google penalty protection20. Google penalty protection

BlackHat SEO removal21. BlackHat removal: Removing the BlackHat done by others SEOs

SEO Results

Best SEO Results(if SEO was not done before) +/- 3 mo

18 Months

12 Months

8 Months

6 Months

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We believe that every business should be able to access the most effective SEO methods and best practices. We have a passion for SEO and we’ll transfer and transform that passion into more visitors and customers ready to buy your products or services from your website. You may also want to check our other website here .

Check our 4 popular SEO packages for businesses based in London, UK or Europe. We have a passion for SEO and we will increase your website ranking and leads. Sign up now and feel the benefits of having a perfectly optimised website, a mobile ready or a fully responsive mobile web design and a perfectly optimised marketing campaign.