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In order to achieve results you always need a two-way approach when working on the Search Engine Optimization of a website, and one can’t be taken without the other. We are talking about On-site Optimisation and Off-site optimisation.

Think of it this way: if SEO would be a car, the On-site optimization would be constantly checking the engine, tires pressure, the lights and so on, to make sure there aren’t any problems running the car. The Off-site optimization on the other hand would have to be the fuel. You can have a perfect car with no mechanical flaws but it won’t run without fuel, and you can have fuel but you won’t be able to run it properly if it’s broken down or it has problems.

Our approach consists in fixing our customer’s websites where needed and improving them to be as optimized as possible for average ranking growth and running smoothly. At the same time we start a link building campaign.

The two-way approach described above guarantees that we will achieve the best possible results, and in the uncertain world of SEO we proud ourselves with a success rate of our projects of over ninety percent.

We truly believe that results should always speak for themselves as we continue to reach new heights and help our customers improve and increase their online presence in a definitive way through our commitment and passion for effective Search Engine Optimization.