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    Premium SEO package


    • 30 days money back guarantee! *
    • Pause or cancel at any time!

    * Applicable in the first 30 days of service, if you are not happy with our SEO work.

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    Premium SEO Package features

    • standard blogger outreach serviceStandard blogger outreach service (unique content posts)
    • premium blogger outreach servicePremium blogger outreach service (high profile sites, engaging unique content posts)
    • Standard listings in web directoriesStandard listings in web directories (unique content)
    • premium listings in authority web directoriesPremium listings in authority web directories (unique engaging content)
    • Bespoke link-buildingBespoke link-building
    • clean bad backlinksCleaning up bad back-links
    • Undisclosed link-building techniques of SEOUndisclosed link-building techniques – White Hat SEO
    • keywords SEOKeywords optimisation and implementation
    • Meta tags SEO UKMeta tags optimisation
    • Headings Headings optimisation: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5
    • images SEOImages optimisation and Alt tags
    • internal linkingInternal Linking SEO
    • root server seoRoot SEO: Sitemap.xml, robots.txt, .htaccess and favicon
    • Google S. Console and HTML improvementsGoogle S. Console / HTML improvements and redirects
    • Google penalty protectionGoogle penalty protection
    • Best SEO Results: 8 months (+/- 3 months)

    Want to find out more about our SEO services? Check our SEO services page which contains the details of each service.

    About our Premium SEO Package

    The Premium Package most valuable feature is the Premium blogger outreach service. We basically search the right blogs that should link to your website then contact the blog owners and buy high quality engaging posts with unique content. These posts will also contain follow back-links to your website, as well as your brand name reference.

    The Premium Package is our most popular SEO solution for London based businesses. Both large and small businesses can benefit from the strategies used and it is the best choice for London based companies. Being so popular in London we sometimes refer to this package as the London SEO Package.

    Including keyword research, analysis and optimisation; headings improvement, refined internal links and search engine friendly Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml and .htaccess files. Making your company’s website extremely user friendly and SERPs friendly.

    The Off-Site SEO strategy focuses on competitor analysis, penalty protection, setup and optimisation of Google Webmaster Console. You will also grow your ranking for multiple and varied keywords, you will get ahead of competitors through bespoke link-building campaigns, brand mentions and citations in relevant websites. Also, we will make sure to remove or disavow the harmful back-links of your site.

    With the Premium SEO Package you will benefit from a higher number of guest posts or sponsored posts on relevant industry blogs, a bespoke directory link-building campaign in the top web directories. The pool of customer outreach will be both targeted to your location and across the Great Britain.

    HED-Solutions’ Premium SEO Package aims to help small businesses and large businesses gain high ranking results in search engines both locally and across the Great Britain. Using customised strategies and the best available tools, your company can get ahead of the competition. See our other SEO Packages here.