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Smart on-page SEO – Focusing on user experience

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When we talk about Search Engine Optimisation, we talk about all of the possible measures to take in order for a website to reach high rankings in the results pages of search engines. Often times though, user’s needs fall second in the process, when they should be the focus point of any SEO strategy. Smart SEO tackles this problem. After all, it is the user who has to benefit from your services or products. This is why your website should be designed in an intuitive manner, focusing on keywords which will help your visitors and customers get what they need.

HED-Solutions offers customised SEO packages as we know SEO is a great tool any company can leverage in order to reach and attract visitors to ultimately convert them into customers. All of them should be your businesses’ target audience and your website, with all its content, should serve as the means to solve their needs.

When people are looking for something online, they want search engines to deliver perfect match results or at least useful results to solve their queries. So when a list of websites or answers is provided, users expect to click on a link which leads to a solution. If they enter your website and it doesn’t offer the information, services or products they were looking for, they will leave your site. The same happens if your website is loading slowly, it’s difficult to navigate or if it takes a long time to find the desired information. It is important to have an intuitive design with useful content, whether it’s text, pictures, videos and whether we talk about the menus, the sidebars and the general layout.

Smart SEO services in the UK means going the extra mile in order to provide an outstanding experience to the British users. Through your website, offer useful information in an easy to navigate design. It will help with user experience, with ranking in search results and with gaining customers to appreciate your business and keep buying from you.

On-Page SEO example:

Let’s say for example you are selling handmade leather belts.

  • First, you should optimise the content around the key phrase “handmade leather belts”. This includes your title tags, the text, the images and the videos, if you have any.
  • Second, when visitors land on your website, they should easily find the products so that the purchasing process runs smoothly. They shouldn’t have to scroll a lot down the page or through the navigation menus to get to what they are looking for: buying a handmade leather belt.
  • Next, provide insights on your products, such as colour, size and other.
  • Another thing to consider is the contact page or the cart page. Users should find it easy to fill in information or to proceed to buying.

And these are only a few on-page SEO best practices to follow in order to provide excellent user experience.

The way users interact with your website impacts the way search engines rank your website. This means that in order to be on the first page of online search results, you need users to appreciate your website. It goes without saying that unless you have a deep consideration towards your visitors and your customers, search engines won’t have allow you on their first page when it comes to search results.

At HED-Solutions we work on each of these aspects and on many other factors which impact the way visitors interact with your website and its ranking results in search engine queries. Keep in mind that you should focus on user experience while optimising for search engines.