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Top 5 SEO Tips for Website Owners

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Search Engine Optimization is very important for your website if you want to get ahead of your competition, but there are some small tips that you can apply to increase your website in SERPs without having to hire a specialized SEO Agency, such as HED Solutions, to do it for you.



Here are Top 5 SEO tips that will increase the search engine optimization level of your website, but won’t cost any money:


1. Constantly provide shareable, fresh and useful content

provide fresh content SEO LondonIf you have a blog on your website make sure to keep it constantly updated with articles that will keep your readers (and potential customers) interested and yearning to come back for more. You can add anything from interesting statistics, to informative posts or funny videos, all relating in one way or another to your type of business. If you don’t have a blog, make one.



2. Find the best keywords for your business

search keywords SEOScout your competitors and the audience you are addressing at, to find out what keywords you should focus on in your website content. See what your direct competitors are using and compare which keywords bring you the highest level of conversion, then keep focusing on them until you become the number one destination for those keywords.



3. Improve your website’s loading time

improve website loading speedThis one is very important. Your website needs to load as soon as possible and it needs to run as smooth as a cloud. Think of it this way, if your website was a store in a physical location, would you want that every time a customer would want to come in the door to be squeaking? Or they would need to push really hard because the door does not open properly? The same goes with a website, you want your website to run as smoothly as possible and inspire confidence to your visitors.



Try the following:
Use a Content Delivery Network service
Avoid using big images
Try using sprites
Delete JavaScript files that are unnecessary
Change your hosting provider to a faster one or allocate more resources to your dedicated server

4. Register your website with Google Webmaster Tools

register Google search consoleRegistering your website with Google Webmaster Tools will greatly increase the transparency level, allowing to you to spot errors that unavoidably appear over time. You will also be able to visualize interesting statistics regarding the search queries, number of index pages, incoming links and many more. It will open up a new world that will enable you to have a greater level of control over the website and the direction you want to point it at.


5. Optimize your titles, descriptions and URLs

optimize titles and alt tagsLast but definitely not least, make your headlines sound attractive and catchy. This is a trick as old as marketing itself, and it’s what made big trademark brands around the world. You don’t want to sound boring or complicated, keep your titles and descriptions succinct and your URLs well formatted.






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There is much more to each point above and there are many other points for effective SEO, however if you’ll optimize your website as per the above points as much as possible, -and if done correctly- your website will more than likely increase in rankings in the search engine result pages.

Other things that need to be done in order to get on the 1st search results page are a niche targeted link building campaign (the most important thing and the most expensive one), code improvements or the constant need to supervise the website for errors. This is why we say that once your business can afford it, don’t hesitate to contact us for unlocking the full potential of your website.

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