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3 things you think that are good for Ranking but…

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Every business with a website will want at some point to go up in the search engine rankings, especially in Google. There are two options for this: either you try to do it yourself or you hire an SEO agency for businesses like HED Solutions, which can get real results that are visible in the number of leads and sales value. You might find lots of advice on the internet about how to rank up your website in the SERPs, but often these advices won’t work because they are outdated, are coming from a bad source or simply because each website needs something different.
The latter is what matters the most, which is why we have included in our SEO packages the amazing bespoke link building feature, where we use a smart trick to help you get ahead of your competition: we personalize the link-building campaign to shadow your competitors’ strategy and achieve maximum results for your niche. This guarantees that the most efficient approach is being taken when doing SEO for your website.

Going back to 3 things that you think are good for ranking, see below our most common encounters with preconceived ideas about Search Engine Optimization:

  1. The first misleading advice you find about going up in ranking is the use of headlines. Of course, headlines are important but what Google doesn’t care about is their size. It isn’t important which size you will use. Google will still treat the headlines with ascendant priority. The most important is H1, then H2 and after that H3 and so on. If you have a good website designer he will know these things and will help your website not only to look better but to have a decent On-page SEO with a good use of headings and alt tags.
  2. The second misleading advice is that Google does not appreciate the web directory listing as back-links so much these days. That’s wrong. It’s still very simple: if a website has a lot of links in other websites then Google will appreciate it and count them as votes. That’s why we’ve included the web directory listings feature in our SEO packages.
  3. Likes, shares or comments on social media don’t count directly. When you are starting to build a brand you try to engage with your social media audience more and more. Unfortunately, this will not boost your website in the rankings. You could see an increase in ranking that you will correlate with your social media presence but it has almost nothing to do with it. When I say almost I’m referring to what people are doing indirectly when they share your page. Maybe they are clicking your links or maybe some blogger sees your brand and writes about it, but even if he doesn’t include a back-link to your site and just a brand name citation that may still count as a vote in Google’s eyes. If they talk about your website, than it’s a good website, right?

If you want to make sure that you don’t work in vain trying to do SEO for your website by yourself, always try and hire an SEO expert. Even worse than working in vain is that you could end up encountering problems and ruining your domain with a beginners’ SEO so it’s actually not really worth the risk of not contacting a SEO specialist.

We at HED Solutions ™ are a UK focused SEO agency that can help you boost your website’s ranking with many strategies and techniques. We have SEO packages dedicated to all types of businesses, from micro and small-medium size enterprises to corporate packages.

Our SEO packages are proven to work and are getting real results for your website. It’s as simple as that.